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Written by Bryce

Things I love, as you may have noted by now, are gentle lotions and potions that are plant-based, natural, paraben-free, and all that good stuff.  I was delighted to try Honeydew Skincare’s line this past weekend.

I know I’m a sucker lately for a good belly lotion to prevent stretch marks, but Honeydew’s smells great and is really rich.  Forget about pregnancy, it’s amazing to use on your whole body in the dead of winter when skin is lizard-like at best.

What do I think will be a really hot product for all women (especially those that work retail) for this season? Honeydew’s A Leg Up lotion for tired legs and feet… It’s a miracle!

A Leg Up lotion for legs and feet, $22

A Leg Up lotion for legs and feet, $22

Feel the world on your…feet? Alleviate them with this lightweight lotion that cools and detoxifies tired and swollen pregnancy feet. It’s formulated with cucumber and aloe, with a hint of mint, for those over-worked soles.

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