Hot Guys Versus Smart Guys

hot guys versus smart guys
Written by Gary

I have always debated about whether I prefer hot guys or smart guys. Both types of guys have pros and cons, and I find that I often choose depending on where I am in my own life.

hot guys versus smart guys

If I am single and just want to have fun (i.e. sex), I go for dumb guys. If I am looking for a more permanent relationship, I go for dumb guys (I like to be the smarter one). If I am not looking for a relationship, but one randomly finds me, I inevitably end up with smart guys. This is the way it has always worked, but that doesn’t make it right. Here are the pros and cons of hot guys versus smart guys (for the sake of this post, lets pretend the two are always mutually exclusive).

Hot guy pros:

The sex can be really good, especially if a lot of people have fucked them because sex is really all they have to offer.

If you aren’t looking to get emotionally involved, it’s really easy with someone who has the intellectual maturity of a 6th grader.

Your girlfriends will be SEETHING with jealousy, especially the married ones who are so smug about their perfect family life and 4 “gifted” kids.

Hot guy cons:

You will constantly have to explain movies to him, even romantic comedies.

He will be getting attention from other women, so you have to both work and work out harder to keep him from straying.

Sometimes guys who were able to coast by on their looks without any other redeeming qualities just can’t relate to the every day problems of an average looking person.

Smart guy pros:

If the guy is really smart, he has studied sex enough to know that the clitoris is both completely real and totally necessary.

You will never run out of things to talk about, because smart people have opinions on everything.

You don’t have to be ashamed to bring him around your parents, because he will probably charm the shit out of them.

Smart guy cons:

Some times, smart guys use their intelligence as a defense mechanism. This means arguments might escalate, and end with you feeling like an idiot.

Smart guys aren’t always that good looking, which is why they developed their intelligence to make up for a lack of physical beauty, so you might have to fuck him in the dark.

Smart guys normally have more baggage than hot guys, because they are intelligent enough to be bothered by things, so while the conversations might be more lively, the arguments will be too.

Of course, the American dream as it was spelled out in The Constitution was to have a guy that is both hot and smart, but I feel like those guys are super rare, like a unicorn, or a movie star that doesn’t have HPV.

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