Hot Weather Beauty Finds

Written by Bryce

All you need for the hottest days of summer.

With the mercury nearly hitting triple digits this week in NYC, I was inspired to dumb down my skincare routine to the ultra-basics.  And it doesn’t hurt that these 4 items pack easily into an overnight bag for easy trips near and far!

Everyone needs a great serum, and Mychelle’s new Vitamin A Plus Serum is an easy one to love.  It uses retinol and r-lipoic acid to stimulate healthy cellular turnover and protect against damage. Skin looks vibrant, smooth, and healthy as a result.  Retinol is the active ingredient in so many of the most popular night creams and intensive serums on the market, so why not just get it packed into one serum?

vitamin a serum

When the air is so humid you can feel your hair sticking to the back of your neck, you know it’s time to switch to a lighter moisturizer.  I love my rich night creams, but when the humidity reaches 85% or greater, I turn to my new find: Darpin Hydraskin Light. It’s everything you need in a moisturizer, but in a lighter gel formula that won’t leave you with that oil slick feeling that most richer formulas leave behind. Plus, it’s packed with kiwi extract, and that just makes me think of all things summery and delish.


Remember those shower poof things from the 90’s that everyone had?  Remember how cheesey they were?  Well, they kinda work.  I mean, as a source of exfoliation anyway.  Truthfully, I’ve always been a washcloth kinda gal, so when I found a hybrid of the two I was beyond pleased.  This Lather Cloth gets rid of dead skin cells, and does all the kickass things that your normal washcloth would do (errr, washing?).


And, finally (drumroll, please!), my new fave summer product:Votre Vu’s On Holiday.  Seriously, I live my life in a way that rivals being on holiday all the time anyway.  The light oil formula is meant to be misted on just after a bath or shower to seal in moisture and give a soft, glowing appearance.  That it does!  The light fragrance will leave you feeling like you’re on vacation all day, even if you’re just stuck in some crummy cubicle.

votre vu on holiday

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