The Difference Between Hotels and Resorts

hotels versus resorts
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When it comes to travel, there is a big difference between a standard hotel and a luxury resort.

hotels versus resorts

I wouldn’t consider myself a picky traveler. Being a freelance writer means that sometimes you are filthy rich, sometimes you are dirt poor, and sometimes you are somewhere in between where you can’t really afford to travel, but you do it anyway for the experience. I have stayed in everything from the Ritz Carlton to the Comfort Inn, and always managed to fall asleep, but anyone can tell you that there is a big difference between a regular old bootleg hotel, and a fancy resort. The Palms Casino Resort recently put out an infographic highlighting the differences (featured below), but I have a few of my own as well.

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Standard hotels have chain restaurants with questionable hygiene grades and drink specials. They also put out oranges and cereal in the morning, for those people who don’t realize that on vacation, you are supposed to sleep in.

Resorts have various restaurant choices with world-renowned chefs flown in from fancy countries like France, and Antarctica. If you can pronounce everything on the menu you are doing good. If you can afford everything on the menu you are doing great.

Standard hotels have pay-per-view movies. On the off chance that you can figure out how to work the remote, you can enjoy a cinematic masterpiece with your family.

Resorts have in-suite fun like bowling lanes, Jacuzzi tubs, and pool tables. That means you can actually enjoy your vacation while your family does their own thing.

Standard hotels have beds, with sheets, that probably don’t get changed every day.

Resorts have fancy bedding with thread counts that triple my IQ. If they aren’t completely spotless and pristine, one call to housekeeping will fix the problem and probably earn you some comp room service.

Standard hotels have a pool halfway in the shade, if you are lucky. They also have a bunch of kids urinating, if you are unlucky.

Resorts have tons of pools, with waterfalls, Jacuzzi tubs, palm trees, poolside service, and complimentary towels. Even if children do pee in those pools, it doesn’t matter because they are huge, and you are probably already sloshed on mimosas.

Long story short, your travel accommodations depend greatly on your budget and activities, but if you are planning on spending a lot of time at the hotel (i.e. traveling with your family), opt for the best thing you can afford. The distractions for your children are worth the money on their own. Click the photo below to enlarge.

hotels versus resorts

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