How to Make Your Vag Look Good? Skincare for Down There, Obvi

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Wondering how to make your vag look good? This brand is making high end skincare for “down there.”

Maybe you’re sending nude selfies, or just trying to enjoy what you see in the mirror, but if you’re sitting around googling how to make your vag look good, there is an answer — and it turns out it starts with proper skincare. Think of your vaginal region as your other face, and you’d never neglect a face by shoving it in polyester undies and forgetting to wash, exfoliate, and hydrate — would you? Doubtful.

The Perfect V, a new line of “down there” skincare and enhancement options, is the most appropriate and timely answer we could possibly think of for how to make your vag look good. Why? Because it’s a delicate area comprised of soft, fleshy skin and it needs love. Not that love, but like, TLC-type love. You spend your life trimming, shaving, sugaring, waxing, and tucking it behind synthetic materials and basically no sunlight. Your vagina and her neighbors are essentially living caged lives, and the entire region deserves better. They deserves the same quality skincare as your face and neck, doesn’t she? We don’t see why not.

How to make your vag look good, step 1: use face-quality skincare

While the line’s offerings are pretty extensive, there are a few groundbreaking products we think your ladybits would really benefit from. For starters, if you’re not already exfoliating below the belt, you need to if you do literally any type of hair grooming like shaving or waxing. A properly exfoliated area is how to make your vag look good when the lights are on or off, because nobody needs ingrown hairs. The Perfect V Gentle Exfoliator uses a liquid formula with mild acids to gently exfoliate instead of using ultra-abrasive body scrubs. They also make a hydrator that’s lightyears beyond your basic body cream for sensitive skin, but The Very V Luminizer will change the way you see the world entirely. It’ll also change the way the world sees your vag.

That’s right, you read that correctly, there’s a highlighter for your vagina, and it’s not a joke.

In fact, as funny as it seems, it’s one of the best cream-formula highlighters we’ve sampled for face or vagina, and you can definitely use it anywhere. It goes on lotion-like and spreads and dries to a very subtle sheen. Sure, you can use it on your vulva, but we’ve been using it on our collar and cheek bones all week and receiving loads of compliments. Pretty wild, right?

It starts as a cream-formula with a lotion-like texture that’s easily applied to cheeks, shoulders, and collarbones, too

It dries to a perfectly smooth, light shimmer

The brand is currently offering a gift with purchase if you use code LUXURYSPOT on, and we’re crossing our fingers its travel-size highlighters, because honestly, they’re one of our fave beauty products of the year.


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