How To Set a Motivating Alarm

Written by emilyc

Waking up can be way easier and, dare I say, entertaining when you change your iPhone alarm settings to say something motivating. Allow your phone to remind you that the amount of times you hit snooze is inversely proportional to how good you’re going to look that day, or how leisurely and delicious of a breakfast you’re going to be able to have. Need some inspiration before setting your own? Here are some good ones:


Ask yourself: do you want to look presentable today?


The emoji method works particularly well for the more visually-inclined.

Alarm french toast

Maybe there’s a certain food that you love and are excited to wake up and eat. Wake up to your alarm, or suffer the consequences.

alarm evanescence

The Evanesence method may work for you…

alarm jiggy

…or perhaps just a singular hip hop phrase.

alarm Help

You could always turn to The Help for some help waking up.

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