How to Stop Lipstick Feathering

Written by Allison

Lipstick feathering be damned! Here’s how to stop the color drama.

As much fun as lipstick can be, it comes with it’s own set of problems. Namely, lipstick feathering. It’s a humongous pain. You can spend a lot of time getting your lipstick to look totally perfect and an hour later have a hazy lip line at best. To solve your lipstick feathering problem before it even happens, there are five steps you can take.


Start With Clean, Dry Lips

You can totally wear a lip balm while you put on the rest of your makeup. But, when it is time to start in on the lips, you’ll really want all of it removed. You can use a cotton bud or a tissue to make sure your lips are totally dry. Any bit of oil (or even foundation) can cause your lipstick to separate and make you more prone to lipstick feathering. Its a two second step that can make or break your lipstick.

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Fully Line Your Lips

Lip liner should be your best friend. The harder, waxy formula keeps the lipstick from moving outwards! With a nicely sharpened pencil, line all the way around your lips. If your lip liner isn’t a totally perfect match, feather the line in to make it less obvious. That whole ’90s super obvious lip liner look? Not so cute anymore. You can also find clear lip liners that work with any shade of lipstick. This is a major line of defense against lipstick feathering, so pay attention, okay?


Apply Your Lipstick

Fill in your lips with your favorite lipstick. When I’m particularly concerned about lipstick feathering, I go for matte lipsticks. This one is the Makeup Geek Iconic Lipstick in Feisty. When applying your lipstick, try to go for one thin layer. Too much lipstick can lead to the product shifting around! One of the easiest ways to apply a super thin layer of lipstick is to tap the bullet on your lips, instead of swiping. Plus it helps to fill in any little lip lines, so we’re all about this little trick.

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Always Remember to Blot

Unless you are using a lip stain that sinks right into your lips, you should always blot your lipstick. It helps to remove a little bit of the oils from the lipstick, making sure it doesn’t move around. Just fold a tissue in half and press your lips together.


If you lose out on pigment, don’t worry you can always reapply the lipstick. This also helps it last much longer, as a fun little bonus that also helps keep lipstick feathering at bay.


 Conceal Your Lip Line

Last trick to really make sure you won’t have to deal with lipstick feathering is adding a buffer with concealer. Having a buffer of concealer helps to keep your lipstick in bounds, keeping it from feathering all over.

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