Ice Ice Baby

Written by RachelR

Gwen-Stefani-Photos_in_the_magazineSo to derail my own skepticism, I’m going to test out a simple but bizarre beauty practice that I spotted in this month’s Elle.

(I may find this to be so satisfying an experience, that I may begin actually questions the recommendations of the big glossies on a somewhat regular basis, so I’ll be sure to keep my soapbox ready.)

Vanessa Carlton, you know, the piano-playing ‘I would walk 1,000 miles…’ (the song from ‘White Chicks..’) girl with long dark hair, is sharing her beauty secrets with a plethora of other song birds, and while I only skimmed the section, I believe she was the only one to not push product, actually recommend a remedy. A home remedy in fact! Even better, this is a remedy recommended by her 80-something year old grandmother.

God knows, Lily Allen might give us the wrong hair creme, and Ciara doesn’t know jack about chapstick.. .but Vanessa Carlton’s grandmother… by golly, I feel like this deserves a second glance!

Now, what Grandma Carlton recommends is rubbing an ice cube around your eyes at night before bed and then again in the morning, and Carlton (the younger) claims it will make your skin “flawless.”

Vanessa_Carlton_01(tn)Now Carlton (the younger) has pretty fab skin from what I can tell… and while I can’t voucher for her grandmother, her taking a chance with a real beauty secret instead of naming off the product names from her latest award show gift basket gives this remedy some serious gusto.

So as soon as I declared myself the seeker of all that is true and good in beauty publications, I ran to my freezer and immediately rubbed an ice cube around my eye…

but questions arose…

Is it around the rim of my eye?

Should my eyes be closed and should I rub the lid?

How long do I rub the cube for… until it melts, or for 30 seconds? Either way, my eyelids were shivering and slightly frozen shut after 15.

Half melted cube later, I can’t take it anymore and toss it into my sink. So much for that.

But alas, for the sake of beauty, I will try it again in the morning… and later again tomorrow night. And will continue for the next 5 days and will let the glowing skin seekers of the world know my results when I know you’ll all be waiting with bated breath and half-frozen eyelashes.

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