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IKEA Introduces Man Camp to Entertain Your Shopping-Weary Hubby

Written by Bryce

IKEA just stepped up their game in a big, hairy way.

If you’ve been shopping at IKEA already (and let’s face it, every New Yorker has been there at least once… no matter how fancy they think they are), you’re probably already familiar with the kiddie nursery they have by the entrance. Kids have long been able to head to IKEA for a day of activities, games, and miscellaneous meatballs while their parents have shopped for assembly-required shelving and bedroom sets, but fathers and men in general have had the crappy experience of having to tag along with their better halves for a day of shopping for sh*t they don’t really need. No more. Fear not, men of the world. You have been graced by the presence of the new MANLAND by IKEA. Play table hockey, foosball, televisions, and things that appeal to high testosterone levels in general. Check it out:

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