I’m Lovin It

Written by Ashley

I’m not really a meat eater, but McDonald’s has FREE COFFEE in participating locations from 6-8am ( if you’re up that early.  And their coffee is freaking delicious.  You will see TheLuxurySpot chicks( and dudes) in and out of McDonald’s getting coffee ALL DAY LONG. Alas, I have given up coffee for Lent, and don’t eat meat. So I will probably stop in and get an apply pie sometime soon, cause I miss my McD’s crew.

For those of you who are following any sort of Lenten promise, this also may not be up your alley, due to the whole, you can’t eat meat on Friday’s during Lent thing…but whatever, this is a good deal! Pass it on to your Jewish buddies.

Every Friday March 06 – April 24, 2009

49¢ Hamburger
59¢ Cheeseburger
PARTICIPATING USA LOCATIONS, and there is no limit on how many burgers you can get. So bring everyone you know.

ps. I GoogleImaged ‘McDonalds’ to find a picture for this post , wtf?

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