In The Land Of Leftovers

Written by Steph

Leftovers are usually a blessed little gift from god where the growling stomach is concerned; a gift that’s oh-so-right. That is unless, it’s totally wrong. One minute, you’re happily heating up something you found in the back of the fridge; and the next, you’re cancelling all of your plans for the next week from the comfort of your toilet seat.

StillTasty is here to avert all of your food-related crisis’s. Identify what’s in your Tupperware, type it in, and lo-and-behold! You’ll be able to figure out whether you should’ve ate that crab rangoon dip three days ago, or if you have a few more days before Mother Mary appears to you in the form of mold.

StillTasty also answers pressing questions like, I got drunk last night and forgot to put the leftover pizza away… can I eat it for breakfast? (The answer is no! I sort of wish I didn’t know that). Previously cooked food shouldn’t be eaten if it’s been left out for more than two hours. Knowing is half the battle.

Check out for more disheartening news about what you should and shouldn’t eat.

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