7 Random Travel Mash-ups from India

indian travel mashups
Written by Gary

In India, mixing modes of transportation is the hottest way to get around. Enjoy these travel mashups to get you through your day.

indian travel mashups

A school bus ghetto cruiser

I have never been to India, even though my blood runs with both Wonton Soup and Massaman Curry (i.e. I am part Indian and Chinese). I have always been fascinated with the culture however, especially the beautiful Hindu religion and the devastating images I see of poor Indian kids drinking from ditches.

Recently I stumbled upon some pretty compelling photos of modes of travel though, and I couldn’t help but share them. It seems like Indian people like to take different modes of transportation and put them together in random transport mash-ups. From rickshaw copters to school-bus trains, these unique ways to travel range from creative and cool to stupid and pointless.

Regardless of it all, these creations just fuel my intense desire to visit my homeland and ride a horny elephant.

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indian travel mashups

A crotch rocket five speed

indian travel mashups

A Vespa motorbike piggyback

indian travel mashups

A zebra donkeycart

indian travel mashups

A helicopter rickshaw

indian travel mashups

A school bus train

indian travel mashups

Two elephants fucking

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