Insanely Good Skin Highlighter Find of the Century

Written by Bryce

Skin highlighter fans, be told: I’m just going to be extra real for 2 minutes here… this third trimester stuff has left me looking worn, pale, and not-so-hot. Why? Because I’m devoid of sleep, sunshine, and the desire to wear a decent amount of makeup. So basically, I’ve become a 3-products-at-a-time-girl. A good mascara, a great rosey colored lip tint, and the best complexion highlighter I’ve tried in ages- Elizabeth Arden’s Pure Finish Highlighter. How do I know it’s so awesome? Aside from wearing it, looking in the mirror, and feeling refreshed, I’ve started to actually get comments like “OMG you totally have that pregnancy glow! You look so great!” …and let’s be clear, I didn’t get those comments at all until I started wearing this at the beginning of my 3rd and final trimester (it’s usually 1st and 2nd trimesters when gals get those glowy comments).

BONUS: you only need a little around the cheek bones, brow bones, and upper edges of your forehead to look like a glowy beauty queen… so this $34 product should last you a pretty long time.

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