It’s OK To Lay Out!

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A new study was released this week from the Pediatrics Journal on August 3, 2009, stating that 70% of children and young adults in the US aren’t getting enough vitamin D, which comes from exposure to the sun, leading to further health issues such as depression, weaker immune systems and the aforementioned cancers.

Oz Garcia PhD, lifestyle and longevity expert, advises his patients to ‘soak up the sun,’ dismissing the idea that exposure to sun is bad for you – not getting enough sun can be just as harmful to your health, if not more. Below are tips from Oz on how-to get the proper amounts of Vitamin D – SAFELY!



  • Using SPF 15 sunscreens that DO NOT contain Pthalate and Paraben (many sunblocks will also block your Vtamin D intake)  · Start off with no less than 10 minutes of sun a day and work up to 20 to 40 minutes a day  · Avoid the sun from 12-3PM to prevent sun burning

FOOD SOURCES OF VITAMIN D: *Daily Recommended Intake (DRI)  · Cooked Salmon, 3 ½ ounces provides 90% of the DRI,  · Tuna fish, 3 ounces provides 50% of the DRI, · Eggs, 1 whole egg provides 6% of the DRI

Oz Garcia, Ph.D., a highly regarded nutritional consultant and life extension specialist. Best-selling author of The Balance and Look and Feel Fabulous Forever and his newest book Redesigning 50: The No-Plastic Surgery Guide to 21st Century Age Defiance. Twice voted best nutritionist by New York Magazine, Oz Garcia is CEO of the successful health and well-being consulting firm, Personal Best Inc, which specializes in progressive nutrition and anti-aging solutions.

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