Drop of Water or Japanese Rice Cake?

japanese water cake
Written by Gary

Apparently, Japan has figured out a way to make a cake out of water.

japanese water cake

Every time I think that I have seen all that Asia has to offer, they throw something like this into my face (and onto my plate). Even though what you see in the picture above looks like a droplet of water (or the tears of a Japanese schoolgirl being forced to ride a pogo stick in front of some businessmen in an anime cartoon) it is actually a very special form of rice cake.

Called the mizu shingen mochi (translated as water cake, beyotch), the delicate dessert is made from special water collected from Mount Kaikoma in the Japanese Alps. The cake is so soft that it breaks open with one poke and it melts in your mouth (we have both of those things in common), and only holds it’s shape for about 30 minutes.

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Despite the fact that it looks like a fucking jellyfish, the mizu shingen mochi is a form of the traditional shingen mochi, which is a rice cake sprinkled with soybean powder and doused in brown sugar syrup.

If trying new and interesting desserts if your thing, then you should probably get your fat ass to Japan and try a mizu shingen mochi before this crazy trend melts away.

japanese water cake

japanese water cake

japanese water cake

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