Keep Your Heels Above Ground

Written by Shannon

Never again will your stilettos sink into the grass.

This summer I attended an outdoor wedding, in which guests were instructed not to wear pointy heels because of the grassy ground and the make-shift flooring inside the reception tent. If only I had heels above at that time, I could have worn my killer heels, which make my legs look incredible, if I do say so myself. Instead, I was stuck wearing a pair of flats, that really didn’t do anything for my overall look.

Heels Above stylishly protect and stabilize your high heeled shoes, keeping you above surfaces, such as grass, grates and cracks that can not only damage your heels, but also slow you down. Not just good for outdoor venues, but for everyday life, Heels above is a small, flexible piece of recyclable plastic that attaches easily to your high heel shoes, and most importantly, are easy to slip on an off.

Heels Above are available in two different sizes that fit most if not all heels, and has a grip that fits snugly around each heel with out damaging or detracting from the style of your stiletto.


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Shannon is a 22-year-old Floridian currently studying PR at the University of South Florida. Her obsessions include: finding the newest fitness trend (currently Physique 57 DVDs), keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip, and her American Eagle stretch jeans. When she has some free time that doesn't include studying for one of her many exams, she enjoys hanging with her friends and family, going to Disney World, shopping, and eating good food. Follow her on twitter @ShannonDormer

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