Kenya: Cheli & Peacock’s Quad Bike Adventure

If you’re less of a lay-by-the-pool vacation girl or guy and bike riding, hiking, and exploring is more your thing than this Kenya based quad bike adventure is for you.

Join the ranks of these legendary African explorers by taking advantage of Cheli & Peacock’s Quad Bike Adventures. Imagine the wind whipping through your hair as you race across the Andanguru Plain or Kipsing Lugga, and drive along the Seaku and Ewaso Rivers in Kenya’s remote Northern Frontier District. Choose your own adventure on these quad bikes and camp out under the stars or simply take a day trip and return back to your camp at night.

All trips are led by experienced guides, and there is a maximum of two bikes per trip (each bike holds up to two people). Rates for the overnight trip start at $830 per person per night, and day trips start at $215 per person. Meals are included in this price. Itineraries are valid through December 15, 2013.

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