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KFC Releases Nail Polish That Tastes Like Chicken

Written by Gary

KFC edible nail polish.

Obviously, every girl wants to wear edible nail polish that tastes like fried chicken.

kfc nail polish

Before I dive it, I want to mention that KFC nail polish originated in Hong Kong, adding further evidence to my theory that every batshit crazy idea originates somewhere in Asia. KFC Hong Kong has officially created 2 shades of edible nail polish in original recipe and hot and spicy flavors. To use it, all you do is apply it like regular nail polish, and then lick your fingers until your fat little heart gives out.

The edible nail polish is technically just for promotional purposes, but they have mentioned that they may start selling it, if the public demands it.

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Working at The Luxury Spot I have seen a lot of crazy cosmetic creations, but the idea of nail polish that you can consume brings up all kinds of issues for me, especially when it comes to ingesting harsh chemicals (although I get you ingest the same stuff when you actually eat KFC, right?).

Now take a look at their crazy commercial. If this doesn’t prove my point about Asia being bat-shit, nothing will.

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