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Kimberly Gordon of Wildfox’s Home

This past week Kimberly Gordon, co-founder of Wildfox Couture, shared her own photographs of her beautiful, laid-back, bohemian Silverlake styled home in Los Angeles. It is comfortable, classic, chic, and a bit rustic. Walls are filled with vintage and her own photography as well as books, candles and other curiosities that litter her home.

On her new home she writes, “I love my new house, it’s right in the middle of Silverlake (like my last house but even closer to the junction now) and it has a big back yard for Stella to run around in… Kelsey does flower arrangements in the studio in the back and I love seeing her pregnant belly all the time. I wanted my house to feel a little bit like I was at the beach even though I was in the middle of the ity, lots of baskets and glass and little rustic things. It really helps me to do get lots of inspiration when my home feels a bit seperated from my actual life! Here are some special things in my home, welcome!”

Images via ILoveWildfox

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