A Legit Treasure Hunt in the Rocky Mountains

treasure hunt
Written by Gary

An eccentric millionaire has buried a treasure chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

treasure hunt

If you were one of those kids that really enjoyed Easter egg hunts, this story is probably for you. Personally, I just asked that my mom save time and load us up with candy instead of making us work for it. Call me lazy if you must

Five years ago, facing a diagnosis of cancer, art collector millionaire Forrest Fenn decided to bury around $2 million worth of treasure in the Rocky Mountains, as a creative way to share his wealth after he passed on. His cancer went into remission, but he decided to go ahead with the plan. Fenn bought a bronze chest and filled it with chunks of gold, gold coins, jade artifacts, and precious stones. The chest is buried somewhere in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, or Wyoming and there are clues hidden in a poem in Fenn’s book The Thrill of the Chase.

You guys: there’s a legit treasure hunt in the Rocky Mountains happening now. How are you not more excited?

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This treasure hunt is either a brilliant marketing ploy, or the most awesome way to share your wealth ever, but 30,000 people tried to find it last summer, and an estimated 50,000 will try again this year.

“I wanted the monetary value to be a consideration for those who are looking for it, but mostly my motive was to get kids off the couch and away from their texting machines out in the mountains,” Fenn said.

I don’t know about you, but a $2 million dollar treasure is definitely enough to get me off the couch. Want to go hiking, anyone?

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