Lettuce Wrap yourself at P.F. Changs

Written by Ashley

Click here to get some free shizz.

To celebrate the chipping skills of PGA tour pro Briny Baird, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro will offer everyone in America a free order of the restaurant’s signature lettuce wraps with the purchase of an entrée!

Baird hit a bunch of golf balls from the top of a hotel, aiming for a GIANT bulls-eye smack in the middle of San Diego Padre’s Petco Park. The more balls he hit into the bulls-eye, the more moola would be pumped into the San Diego Navy/ Marine Corps Relief Society.

Well wasn’t that nice of them? We’ll just hope that these coupons ( which you can get with a valid e-mail addy) will actually be honored.  Good thing it wasn’t Oprah hitting those golf-balls.

Click here for PF Changs Locations and here for your free lettuce wrap.

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