Life Advice from an Intern Part IX

Written by Casey

Life Advice from an Intern Part IX

1. If someone likes you and you’re really not interested, follow these wise words that my lovely co-worker Emily shared with me. “Treat him like he’s gay, drive him away.”

2. If you’re on a date order either green or mint tea. It will make you seem skinny, smart, and mysterious. And it is much healthier than the gross chai latte you think is “okay” to drink every morning.

3. Nothing good ever happens past 2AM in Brooklyn. Nothing.

4. Every now and then you need to reevaluate your friends and see how and why they are in your life. My grandpa always said that friends are for “a reason, a season, and for a lifetime.” And if you have five real friends in your life time, you should consider yourself lucky.

5. I recently babysat my friend’s cousin and he told me I was fat. And then for punishment I made him watch Annie Hall and drink green tea. Take THAT 10 year old boy!

I realize number five isn’t life advice but I wanted to share.

6. Taking Adderall as a recreational drug is such a rookie move. You’re not in college anymore. Technically I’m still in college, but even I am over that fad.

7. If you start dating someone new and completely stop hanging out with your girlfriends and stop keeping in touch with your family, you’re a bad person.

8. Vegan dessert is better than regular dessert.

9. Sometimes asking your friends to intervene with someone you have a crush on can be a really bad move. They love you so much they will talk you up in a really obvious way that could very easily scare off that potential lover.

10. If you’re reading this you’re either a woman or gay. I am a woman obviously. ANYWAY, we as women have the power to cast spells on men by our words, our silence, an eye look, a gesture and action. It is so important to hold onto this and not forget how much power as women we actually have.

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