Life Advice from an Intern Part VII

Written by Casey

Life Advice from an Intern Part VII

1. I saw that my ex got really fat, and I got really happy.

2. There’s no one I disapprove of or root for more than myself. (The Strokes)

3. No does not mean convince me.

4. My strictly platonic guy friend told me he feels really “comfortable” around me. So immediately I got really uncomfortable.

5. If you eat a salad with dressing, what’s the point in ordering a salad?

6. It’s all about short dresses with tights and flat chelsea boots, and a pea coat with a vintage Celine or Chanel bag for this Spring.

7. More mystery, less history.

8. If he invites you over to watch a movie, there will be no movie watched.

9. Do you ever think the love of your life could live in your apartment building?

10. Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.

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