Life Advice From An Intern Part XIII

Written by Casey

Life Advice From An Intern Part XIII

Be your own best friend.

But having best friends who aren’t yourself is also incredibly important.

I really need to start meditating again. It just gets so hot in my apartment this time of year, it’s impossible to keep calm and sit still for more than a minute.

Never forget that within one day you can go from being an only child to having three step-brothers and a step-sister. Crazy, right?

If you’re serious about a new love or relationship, do not become friends on Facebook or follow each other on Instagram.

When a guy asks you to hang out, and you comply, but then two minutes later he says “some stuff came up”, he better have meant that either his mom died or that his apartment was on fire. What’s more important than hanging out with me?!

Do you ever feel sorry that you could have kept dating that really nice and sweet guy who was really into you?  You know, the really innocent guy who would do anything to be with you, nut you just didn’t have a connection with. Well don’t be! There wasn’t any chemistry and you can’t feel guilty about that.

Frank Ocean gives a very real and upsetting view of how men think about women when he sings, “No I don’t like you I just thought you were cool enough to kick it…I don’t love you I just thought you were cute that’s why I kissed you.”

It doesn’t matter how many people warn you about how douchey a guy is, you will not learn your lesson unless you go through it yourself.

It’s only teenage wasteland.

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