Link Love: Life Coach Edition

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Who run the world? Girls. [Beauty Blogging Junkie]

How about a sophisticated lady scent? [I Have A Degree In This]

The 50 best beauty Pinterest accounts to follow. [BeautyHigh]

The mood board for the wino beauty gal. [Endless Beauty]

The BB & CC cream breakdown. [iVillage]

Work got you down? Here’s 10 ways to boost your confidence. [StyleCaster]

The post-baby body guide [The Art of Bery]

Moms! Here’s how to stretch your wallet. [Funny Not Slutty]

Don’t be that bride! 9 wedding cliches you’ll regret. [SheFinds]

This Josie is not a pussycat. [StyleIT]

What does your fridge say about you? [A Little Alytude]

Bottomsup! Keke Palmer for Perez Hilton. [Kimmy Erin]

Cold weather blues? Fix them! [Real Beauty]

Get in the winter mood with this perfect mood board. [Corals And Cognacs]

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