L’Occitane Spreads More Beauty, On Motorcycles!

Written by Bryce

One of my fave beauty and skincare brands, L’Occitane, recently partnered with WorldRiderZ to make the world a better (and more adverturous) place. WorldRiderZ is the story of Stephane Etienne, a 35-year-old father whose life was shattered when his son Ilhan was born with severe kidney disease. With an incredible drive to do something positive, he set out with his friend, Paul Torriero, on an ambitious bike journey that has so far seen them ride from Sydney to Paris, crossing nine countries and 25,000 km. Along the way, they have visited 11 hospitals, held numerous press conferences and filmed a six-part documentary for the Discovery Channel. WorldRiderZ have now set off on the second leg of their journey, which will see them crossing France, the UK, Canada and the US on another 15,535-mile trip lasting three months.

During their New York stop-over, Stephane and Paul visited the L’Occitane boutique in the Flatiron District of NYC where they stocked up on all the essentials for their long journey. Even better? 15% of daily sales went to fight Chronic Kidney Disease, and that’s something we can all get behind!

My fave product by L’Occitane is this multi-purpose big tin of shea butter… and knowing the sales helped support sick kids made it’s texture that much smoother:)

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