Lufthansa Premium Economy Seats, Now On All Long-Range Flights

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Lufthansa Premium Economy seats launch on all long-range flights, globally.

Lufthansa’s biggest 2016 launch so far is the addition of premium economy seats being available on all long-range flights globally. The premium economy seats will feature amenities including enlarged TV/monitor screens, better food options, and extra wide spaces between seats. More space, as any avid traveler knows, is the best part of the play to appeal to the frequent business traveler. This competitive move comes as no surprise as a variety of European air carriers are scrambling to compete for the well-heeled customer that aims to save money when possible.

Premium Economy Class window view

Lufthansa increased the spacing between seats more than 50%, a which basically equates to cutting out the skinny guy next to you and loaded each seat with power outlets and USB connections so phones, computers, and whatever other technology passengers tend to love enough to bring with them never bleeds dry.

Benefits passengers in Premium Economy

  • 50% more space compared with economy class
  • New seats with big margins between them (97 cm between the seat of the seat in front)
  • Comfort kit and a personal water bottle per passenger seat
  • Ordering food via a dedicated menu
  • Drink reception with boarding
  • Modern entertainment system including games
  • Personal remote control for each passenger entertainment system
  • 2 free checked bags, up to 23kg each
  • Special discounts for excess baggage
  • Power connection at any point seat (this is the best feature yet, #amirite?)
  • Access to the business lounge for an additional fee
  • Wider screen -11/12 inch vs 9 in coach
  • More spacious storage compartments

Premium Economy Class Cabin View 2

Sample prices for Lufthansa Premium Economy seats from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport as a starting point:

  • Beijing starting from $1,599
  • Shanghai starting at $1,599
  • Hong Kong starting from $1,599
  • Bangkok starting from $1,599
  • Rio de Janeiro starting at $1,649
  • Cape Town starting at $1,449
  • Johannesburg starting at $1,449
  • New Delhi starting at $1,449
  • Mumbai starting at $1,449
  • Tokyo starting at $1,799
  • Singapore starting from $1,799

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