Photos From Lumiere London 2016

lumiere london
Written by Gary

A light festival in London.

Lumiere London 2016: London was drenched in light at the recent festival.

lumiere london

Pretty much any gay will tell you, we love a good light show. Something about the regular world being recolored and recast as a fantasy light show really speaks to my inner homo, as well as my outer homo.

The Lumiere festival of lights took place over three days in London recently, and they had everything from light installations created with thousands of feet of twine, to light graffiti, crazy animations, and even a garden of light.

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One of my friends from London called it a travesty on his Facebook profile:

“I tell you what – lets organise an art event about lights and place it in several mildly congested areas of London, y’know like Regent Street and Piccadilly. Then we’ll market the shit out of it and give it the name of a loveable Disney candlestick(holder); give people tote bags and maps so they can walk around by the hundreds, face-down in a sheet of paper searching for these elusive mesh dresses that change colour or floating nets that are lit up with spotlights, entirely unaware that they’re now forming a obstructive mass in the road, queuing up to take a photo of said incandescent crap. It’s like 2 degrees outside. Go home. ‪#‎wellfuckingdoneLUMIERE ‪#‎iloveLondon‪ #‎didtheyhidemoneyinthelights?

I thought that his rant was pretty funny, but it doesn’t make me love a light festival any less. Next year’s Lumiere festival might have a little more Gary in it, because my Instagram needs a little more color, and a little less nudity.

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