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Magic Lipstick is Spreading the #WearOrange Message

Written by Bryce

This magic lipstick by Sassy Lips is spreading an important message in the most beautiful way (literally).

Here’s a scary fact: 93 Americans are killed every day by guns, and 7 of those are 19 or younger. In an effort to support National #WearOrange Day, a day devoted to creating awareness about gun violence in the US, companies are piling on board the common sense train to keep Americans safer. 2017’s Wear Orange Day is today, June 2, and we’re particularly excited that Sassy Lips, the maker of the cutest magic lipstick ever, released an orange lipstick just to help put that message on everyone’s lips.


This magic lipstick by Sassy Lips also has a real flower inside every tube

On this day, June 2, anyone who supports smarter gun safety is asked to wear (and share on social media) the color orange, along with the hashtag #WearOrange. Even if you don’t have this magic lipstick tube (we’ll get to why it’s magical in a minute), you can just as easily throw your favorite orange shirt on and join the movement.

Sassy Lips orange-and-gold flecked lipstick appears to be a translucent, citrusy shade in the tube, but quickly transforms into a softened version of a bold pink that seems to flatter just about every skin tone. You can try layering it with these lipstick application hacks, too.

The bright, translucent orange lipstick transforms instantly into a happy pink shade

Additionally, there’s a real flower in the tube, because that’s what Sassy Lips is known for, and they don’t skimp on the happy details even when they’re sending an extremely powerful message.

For more information on the Wear Orange campaign, visit

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