Man-Hair Problems: Solved

Written by Ashley

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Shower your Dude with Grooming Glory

When your dude and his hair seem to become the focus of many a morning conversation – supplying him with some killer swag to primp, prune and protect could be just the ticket to a morning cup of coffee sans the ‘does my hair weird here?!‘ convo.

Thinning & Washing: Aubrey Organics: Ginseng Biotin Line [$9.95-$15.98] Custom made for dry/thinning hair, Aubrey Organics, one of the leaders in mass-market organic products that actually work, uses herbs I can’t pronounce & tons of vitamins to build body, strength, shine and control without leaving any gunk or damaging reside on your man’s strands. The dude-tastic packaging is manly-man approved to effectively turn back the clock without him feeling like he’s using any ‘treatments‘ that could threaten is manhood.

Sculpting & Coiffing: got2b inPLAY sculpting paste [$5.99 drugstores nationwide]  He’ll rub this stuff in his hands, plop it around in towel dried hair, and notice immediately that he’s able to control, define and masterfully look professionally done without even needing a spray tan. A little goes a long way – so the container will last him a while – and the formula (thicker than gel / thinner than whatever DJ Pauly D is using) will keep him touchably soft.

Too Much Beard: King of Shaves by Remington: Azor Hybrid Synergy System Razor – Warp [$8.99] After some man-research (not that kind – unfortch) with some of my hot Brit friends, I came to find out that King of Shaves is one of the hottest brands in the UK market to get their cheeks smooth – all the more emphasizing their dimples & accents. In the US – King of Shaves has partnered with stead-fast Remington to develop some sort of hybrid piece of shaving wizardry that uses wet technology to not only promote clean-shaven lads, but includes components to help reduce your dude’s carbon footprint, all while he gets rid of unwanted fuzz.

Not Enough Protection: Anywhere Comfort: Travel Neck Pillow [$24.99] Ok, so I know this isn’t technically a hair product – but if your dude like to coif, he’ll more than likely be down to keep germs at bay as to keep his complexion, hair & health in tip top shape. This neck pillow is easy to fold, travel with & adjust, so your dude can nap on his red-eye flight to awake without a hair out of place or a stranger’s germs all over his well-moisturized cheek area.  He worked hard to look that good, ya know.

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