Mangetsu Man: The Japanese Superhero That Keeps Tokyo Clean

mangetsu man
Written by Gary

The streets of Tokyo are safe from dirt, thanks to an anonymous superhero.

mangetsu man

I don’t know if Mangetsu man wears a costume to bring awareness to city cleanliness, or because he is ashamed to be an unpaid janitor, but either way I respect it.

Mangetsu man’s only superhero powers may be to sweep the streets of the Roppongi district in Tokyo and post for awesome Instagram photos, but at least he has a hobby. “Mangetsu Man” translates to “Full Moon Man”, but this superhero is much more than that. Since October of last year, he has put on funny skits, recited prayers, and played basketball to spread his message of joy and positivity to the people of Japan. He is also really talented with a broom, and spends his days traveling the streets of Tokyo, tidying up.

Like any good superhero, Mangetsu man is anonymous and never even speaks on video.

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His message seems to be getting some traction though, because other people are dressing up like superheros and doing the same thing.

Only in Japan would a living cartoon be able to make some eco-conscious change.

mangetsu man

mangetsu man

mangetsu man


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