A House That Hangs Off a Cliff

modular cliff house
Written by Gary

Modscape’s modular home hangs off the side of a cliff.

modular cliff house

Your home is supposed to be a refuge from the world where you can relax and enjoy some peace and tranquility. Would you be able to do that if your house was hanging off the side of a cliff over the ocean like a fucking barnacle?

This conceptual vacation house by Modscape is designed as a five-story fantasy with breathtaking views of the sky and sea that creates a connection with the ocean. I can see that, especially since one earthquake could send you plummeting into the waves below.

The streamlined design can only be entered by a door at carport level and features an elevator and open-air deck with barbeque and spa, with nothing but a mid-height glass barrier keeping you from falling to your death below.

The design is beautiful, the idea is awesome, but I could never live in something like this for more than a few days.

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The house is planned for a remote location is Australia, which is perfect, since will probably be tons of sharks below waiting to gobble you up when your house falls off the side of the cliff.

modular cliff house

modular cliff house

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