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Mom Astrology: What to Give for Mother’s Day Based on the Zodiac

Written by Bryce

If you’re up in arms over Mother’s Day gifting (agh, it’s so soon!), don’t worry. Celeb astrologer Matthew Currie sorted mom astrology out for you.

“Fretting over a Mother’s Day present and Sun Sign ‘personalities’ are both kind of clichés, but you’ve got to admit that most clichés are grounded in some for of truth,” explains Matthew Currie, famed astrologer at BeliefNet and believer in mom astrology. “When in doubt about what to get Mom, her Sun Sign can be a guide to help you decide what will make her happiest on her big day.”


Aries tends to be in a hurry to or from somewhere, most of the time. Anything that can streamline Mom’s day and get her to where she’s going, like a travel bag that doubles as a purse, diaper, and gym bag or something that makes her routine go by more quickly.


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Taurus tends to be comfort-centered and fond of a good meal, so try a restaurant meal, spa experience, or gift certificate — just don’t make it cheap. Taurus hates cheap, and this is Mom Astrology 101. Something that makes her living room, kitchen, or bedroom more comfortable would be a good bet.

Geminis are great thinkers. Well, they think a lot anyway, even if it’s a bit scattered sometimes. Think “intellectual stimulation,” like a movies, books, on a subject she’s interested in. Gemini also tends to love gadgets that focus on self improvement.

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This sign is incredibly emotional, and sometimes a little defensive. The more sentimental the gift, the better. Even if you’re in your forties, she’ll respond well to the equivalent of one of those macaroni-and-glue-and glitter pictures you made in kindergarten, or a gift that binds your family together in some way. If that doesn’t work, offer her an easy to use camera that lets her actively capture every memory, moment, and smile.


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Generally, leo like it big and flashy and showy — or at least they like things with a sense of drama to them. A makeover? A flashy new accessory? Go with anything that makes Mom feel more like a celebrity, because the mom astrology stars here point to glitz and glam.


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These are kind and caring and sensitive people — and they build up and store tension in their bodies like it’s an Olympic sport. Go with something along the lines of a professional massage, a spa day, or something else you know she needs but won’t spend the money on for herself.


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Libra is a tough one to buy for, because either tastes are better than yours (or aren’t but they can’t be convinced otherwise). When in doubt, pick something pretty that accessorizes well with a particular outfit of theirs, or their decor. Every libra has a favorite color, and they probably have one room done mostly in that one hue.

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Scorpios are intense and have long memories. They don’t mind sacrificing for a child, and they won’t ever forget those sacrifices. Try finding a gift that either reminds her of that terrible time she had birthing you, or something that lets her know that you know you wouldn’t be here without her. Twisted, but so is she (in the best possible way).


Sag is usually on the go and a lot of fun, but perhaps not the world’s best organized creature. Get her something that helps her find those keys she’s always losing, an organizer of some sort, or perhaps something like a gift certificate for maid service.


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Capricorn Moms are usually solid, reliable, dependable, but not particularly gifted when it comes to letting themselves have a good time. Show tickets, tennis lessons, or something that signals adventure could help a capricorn mom let loose and have some fun.


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Aquarius has a reputation for being a little weird (although your mom will call this “creative”) and often, they are. Aquarius responds well to strange and unusual gifts like imported handmade jewelry, or something from a far off land. New electronics also go over well with aquarius.



This is a genuinely sweet and caring mom, but perhaps not the best at practical and organizational skills. You might think that something practical is the ticket, but forget that: the cuddlier and more sentimental you go with it, the better.

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