Monokini: Swimwear for Breast Cancer Battlers

Written by Bryce

A new company is aiming to uplift those who have battled breast cancer with a product they call the “monokini.”

Breast cancer is hard enough, nevermind trying to navigate the fashion waters after a mastectomy. A new company, Monokini 2.0, is trying to help women of all ages, races, and creeds who have battled breast cancer celebrate their bodies. The name “Monokini” is a creative play on “bikini” since the prefix breakdown suggests “bi” is for two breasts.

Monokini 2.0 is a social art project that re-examines popular culture’s narrow view of a woman’s ideal appearance. We strive to expand what is accepted and considered beautiful by designing a swimwear collection for women who have gone through breast cancer. Swimwear is conventionally designed for women who haven’t suffered a mastectomy. The fact is that many women who have had one breast removed due to breast cancer don’t wish to have breast reconstruction surgery, they wish to continue their lives with one or no breasts at all.

Personally, I’m proud of the women who were willing to be photographed for this. It takes courage to survive breast cancer (or any other form), and more courage to look the world in the eye and say “this is me, I’m unstoppable.” Kudos, ladies.

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