The Most Expensive Champagne You’ll Consider Buying

Written by Bryce

Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and just think hey, today just might be my day to douse my soul in the most expensive champagne on Earth. 

While the world’s most expensive champagne hovers around a million dollars (requiring you to sell your home and possibly become an indentured servant), Moet & Chandon has a viable second best for you: a $5,000 methuselah adorned in real 22K gold and leopard design.

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“A limited edition 6-litre Methuselah size bottle decorated in 22-carat gold.

Created for enjoyment during exceptional and celebratory moments, the Moet Nectar Imperial Rose Leopard bottle’s leopard camouflage pattern expresses the profile of this bold, energetic luxury rose demi-sec champagne, the most popular of its kind in the world. To achieve the leopard spotted design, Moët & Chandon called upon the renowned French engravers Arthus-Bertrand to handcraft each of only 60 6-litre bottles with 22-carat gold leaves, giving the bottle a dazzling gold dimension. At $5,000, the special bottle serves as a collector’s piece or the ultimate spark for celebration; as a gift, it will make any occasion sparkle with golden glamor and savory, supple delight! This holiday season, Sherry Lehmann will offer the bottle exclusively.”

So, who does the the most expensive champagne ode to leopard go to? Well, consider this a delightful cabinet piece for Versace enthusiasts, Russian girls, and anyone who simply can’t get enough gold in their jewelry (your champagne is basically an accessory).


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