These are the most stressed cities in the world

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Just be grateful you don’t live in Baghdad, because it tops the most stressed cities list.

As if you didn’t already know Baghdad wasn’t exactly the picture of serene living, a new study outlining the most stressed cities in the world confirms it. It turns out major metros including the war-torn Iraqi hub and others like Kabul, Afghanistan and Lagos, Nigeria ranked high on the most stressed cities list. If you’re wondering, no New York isn’t anywhere near the top, no matter how crazy your day to day may feel.

Baghdad: the world’s most stressed city

The most stressed cities in the world in 2017, according to research by Zipjet, are as follows:

1. Baghdad, Iraq

2. Kabul, Afghanistan

3. Lagos, Nigeria

4. Dakar, Senegal

5. Cairo, Egypt

6. Tehran, Iran

7. Dhaka, Bangladesh

8. Karachi, Pakistan

9. New Delhi, India

10. Manila, Philippines

If you’re wondering what your options are for the least stressed cities in the world, there’s good news — your pickings look pretty attractive with cities like Bordeaux, France making it to the top 10. If you ask us, that has everything to do with the availability and affordability of wine, but we can’t say for sure. Many of the other cities on the least stressed list were in Germany, and we found that surprising, but also kind of fascinating. It turns out sausage and relaxation may actually go hand in hand. Who knew?


These are the least stressed cities in the world:

1. Stuttgart, Germany

2. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

3. Hannover, Germany

4. Bern, Switzerland

5. Munich, Germany

6. Bordeaux, France

7. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

8. Sydney, Australia

9. Hamburg, Germany

10. Graz, Austria

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