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Mr. Bubble Perfume Exists

Written by Bryce

Remember like 20 years ago when you were playing with a variety of bath toys in a ceramic tub filled with Mr. Bubble bubbles, thinking “I want this smell forever. This smell and chocolate chip cookies will be the only smells I need for all eternity.”

And then you grew up. And you smelled hideous things like your college roommate, and then your spouse, and then possibly your children’s completely foul diapers. With the hand of some magical force in the universe, the people at Demeter (the same people responsible for things like marshmallow-scented perfume) have finally concocted Mr. Bubble’s signature scent, and it’s pretty glorious.

From the company’s website:

There is nothing like nostalgia. And the only thing better is something nostalgic and current. Nothing fits that description better than Mr. Bubble, which after more than 50 years is still one of the top-selling bubble baths in the United States.

Demeter’s Mr. Bubble is both nostalgic and current: a sharp fruity concoction with notes of coconut, banana and peach.  A floral center of jasmine and rose along with a balsamic vanilla and powdery raspberry base, round out this memory-making fragrance.

Mr. Bubble was born in 1961 when Harold Schafer and the Gold Seal Company found a way to make bubble bath affordable, moving it from department stores to drug stores.  Because Demeter is all about making great smells available affordable for every day use, a Mr. Bubble fragrance was a natural choice.

I won’t lie to you and tell you it’s a sophisticated mix of Ethiopian jasmine top notes and Himalayan snowman middlenotes– it’s not. Mr Bubble perfume is a fruity, fun scent that’s exactly appropriate for the Mr. Bubble name and a fun warm weather, casual perfume. Just a tiny spritz’ll do, and possible work as a time machine to instantly transport you back to the year 1993 in a suburban bathtub.

Available here.

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