Music Spotting: It’s Only You, Isn’t It?

Written by Casey

Lissy Trullie’s new music video “It’s Only You, Isn’t It?” is the best thing we have heard in a long time. So do yourselves and favor and listen to the song and check out the equally amazing music video right NOW!

In Lissy Trullie’s new music video entitled, It’s Only You, Isn’t It? her romantic, yet deep, and roaring voice exudes exhilaration and passion. Her video, which we are insisting you watch, is more of an independent short film than your average stereotypical Hollywood mass produced music video. In just a few minutes we experience mania, love, loss, sex, and an immense amount of excitement. In the past few years Lissy Trullie has emerged from the underground indie-rock scene and has proved herself to be on of the coolest New Yorkers around.

Make sure to watch the entire video because Jake Sumner, (Sting’s son) and Chloe Sevigny have a very special surprise in store for you!

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