My Cuticles are Cute Again

Written by Ashley

Julep Essential Cuticle Oil has given me the strength to get a manicure again.  Last Fashion Week, Bryce and I were preparing with some manicures, and I was verbally accosted by the manicurist, in the nicest way possible, about the state of my cuticles.  Apparently my love for cocoa butter was not sufficient. She was appalled by the rough & tumble attitude my nails were giving her, and she immediately sloshed on more cuticle oil on them than I had ever seen in my whole life. It looked as though I had dipped my hand in Crisco.

But, hey, my nails looked great afterward. I took her expertise, and invested in some cuticle oil, but obviously didn’t keep up with the regimen with my on-the-go nature. I had some by my bed, for night-time application, but usually went all day long with dry hands, where lotion helped SOME, but not enough.

Enter Julep Cuticle Oil. My hero.  This easy to carry, apply, and love 1/3 fl oz vile has been helping me get on the wagon of applying oils multiple times per day. ( This is how bad my cuticles are- they are steps away from taking over the world.)


My penchant for wearing dark polishes has been accompanied by pretty,  and virtually non-existent cuticles, due to this stuff packed with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E, Julep Cuticle Oil.  And with my summer-time scheduling becoming more and more packed- I’m not afraid to go bare in-between-mani’s, by just rubbing this stuff on! The roll on application eases the precise treatment, keeping my clothing, hair and surroundings from getting lubricated with each touch, while slipping easily in my purse, clutch, or pocked with a 100% no-spill-experience.

Julep Cutcile Oil , $8.25 , is one of the many paraben-free products avaiable from Washington State’s see and be seen  Julep Nail Parlor

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