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My first time…

Written by Jason

Men, Whisky & “Hand-Shake Maintenance”

When I received the invite to the Compass Box launch event, there was not a moment’s hesitation before I wrote back to confirm my attendance. Free whiskey? Yes, please. And can I get some in a go-cup as well? (That a little bit of the New Orleans coming out in me… sorry.)

Little did I realize that the venue for this launch was a fashionable (real or aspiring) man’s wet dream: Truman’s Gentleman’s Groomers. So off I go on the hunt for whiskey, but within moments of arriving the various ladies organizing the event sit me down for a consultation over whether I should get my beard trimmed or feet tended to. Thankfully, I managed to calm the maenads with the acceptance of a manicure. My first ever. Truman’s euphemistically refers to it as ‘hand-shake maintenance’.

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Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get another. For those of you who aren’t paying attention, I accepted a job yesterday, which necessitates me relocating to Los Angeles by the end of the month. That said, Aneta (the lovely woman who worked over my nails) was so gentle and efficient that I feel as though I was spoiled rotten. Never again will a manicure equal her talented ministrations.

It turns out that the event was also a party for Truman’s “members” club. See, if you’re the kind of guy who likes to keep his toilette in tip-top shape, Truman’s offers a variety of member packages. With a package, you can basically go get your hair trimmed as often as you like for the year (plus manicures, shoe shines, and a whiskey while you’re waiting).

They’re also now partnering with My Image Expert, an image consulting firm headed by Erika Chloe. While individual appointments can be made with her through Truman’s, she is also hosting her first seminar for Truman’s members at the beginning of November.

But, really, let’s get back to the (Scotch) whisky. Thankfully, I brought my friend Tara, whose palate is substantively more developed than mine. Give me a tequila, and I can probably pin down the region. But whisky? Not so much.

Compass Box is probably hated in the world of scotch, as they are turning it upside down. Instead of the traditional formula of laying down one recipe and letting it sit for a variable number of years, Compass Box has developed five varietals, as well as having annual limited editions. If the Peat Monster isn’t for you (a heady scotch with notes of Laphroaig), then maybe the lighter, more refreshing Asyla is more your style. Of course, the diva of the evening was the Flaming Heart. The event was, after all, her debut. In short, Tara swooned over the Flaming Heart: pancakes and bacon grease was her description. “This is love. I could come home to this for years,” was her final observation. Considering the fact that she can’t commit to a boy for more than six weeks, this was quite a statement.

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