Naked Collisions and Happy Endings

Written by Lana



The new Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds movie, “The Proposal,” opens tomorrow. Loading up on Junior Mints and Sour Patch Kids at Walgreen’s and wallowing in my own tears while I sit alone in the back of a dark movie theater watching a chick flick would normally top my list of things to do on a Friday night. But as it happens, I’ve already seen this one. 


I went to an advance screening last month with my friends Jessica and Josey. We found ourselves laughing aloud at some parts (Bullock running in her pajamas to try to save her fiance’s parents’ dog, Bullock and Reynolds in a nude collision), but we were all too jaded to be able to appreciate the happy ending. 


Jessica attributed this to having recently turned 29. 


She posted something to that effect on her FB page, and one of her friends responded, “Oh Jess. Welcome to the club :). The first time I saw ‘Definitely, Maybe‘ (clock me at 28) I ate that sh*t up like it was Mama’s homemade enchiladas. Sadly, I watched it again recently and I needed a Tums and restorative electrolytes *puke*….”


Yeah, I’d have to admit I hit that point sometime between DBs No. 57 and No. 65 (aka “The Cutter”) in my dating history.


Sandra Bullock does have some cute work suits and a killer pair of Louboutins, though.



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