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Natural Beauty Boosters

Written by Bryce

Boosting your beauty routine naturally is less daunting than it seems- it’s not as complicated as adding oregano to every meal for glowing skin (although that works too), popping herbal supplements, and steaming in eucalyptus oil infused baths (again, not opposing this method either. With a few tweaks to your normal routine and some dietary additions, you can notice visibly more radiant skin in under a week with these natural beauty boosters. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am!

1. Add some yogurt to your diet. Aside from being a delish way to start the day or have a filling snack in the tiresome afternoon hours, good quality yogurts are jam packed with probiotics to help fight digestive drama from the inside. Unfortunately, our intestines harbor and grow huge amounts of bad germs, which take the resources of our entire body to fight. Imagine, if you have one plain yogurt a day (no sugar, it causes bigger problems, and the fake sugars are even worse), you’ll be flushing out so many potential drama-causers that your body will be able to focus on things like growing collagen, hair, nails, and even refreshing your cute little eyeballs. Oh, and side bonus: you’ll reduce your bloat.

2. Clear your pores! Origins is known for their natural approach to beauty, and this charcoal mask is the simplest way to remove gunk from your over-stressed pores. It’s good for all skin types, and you can relax with OITNB episodes (or even the real book) while sipping a fresh juice as it sets in. Available here.

3. A fresh beet juice a day… Will keep the derm away! Juice a fresh beet, an apple, and some ginger and you’ll have the zingiest, most delish juice cocktail ever. More importantly, your body will be so packed with anti-aging benefits, you’ll be turning back the hands of time to near high school levels. Beets are naturally loaded with wrinkle-busting folate and radiance-enhancing Vitamin A, so drink up!

4. Give yourself a boost. Seventh Generation recently launched a new line of skin-boosting serums. They can be used solo, under creams, after masks (please refer to number 2, ahem!), or just about any other wild way you can think of. They’re packed with natural, pore-saving plant oils. Don’t worry-you won’t get clogged, the oils sit near the surface of the skin acting as a protective barrier against harmful elements while nourishing the dermis. And they’re super affordable and customizable for your skin routine. Available at drugstores.

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