You Need to Follow this Plastic Surgery Instagram Account

Written by Bryce

You need to follow this plastic surgery Instagram account. Semi NSFW.

If you’re as addicted to Instagram as we are (and if you are, you can see who views your Instagram here), you’ll want to follow Dr. John Paul Tutela. Why? Because his work is a crazy mashup of art, better bodies, and emojis used in ways you never previously imagined. We’re totally serious, too.

Let’s paint a picture of why Dr. Tutela is great to follow. First, he’s a celeb plastic surgeon with offices in New Jersey and New York City, and if you’ve noticed as-seen-on-TV New Jersey types walking around with perky boobs and flat stomachs even though they’ve had a few kids, you’ve probably seen his work. Good plastic surgery is hard enough to come by (seriously, there are so many weird botch jobs out there), but finding a plastic surgeon who is also killing it on Instagram with both information and entertainment? That’s internet gold. Rare, fine gold.

So let’s address the reasons why you need to follow @tutelaps on Instagram.

His thoughtful, artistic use of emojis is unparalleled. Like, what medical school teaches the emoji keyboard? Everyone should go there. Just look at these boob hearts.

But also, an umbrella emoji in the tush crack? That’s genius. We all need to get on this level.

But it’s not just emojis. He actually films some of his surgeries (everything from boob lifts to butt tucks), teaching us all what decent lipo is supposed to look like, and he does it all to the sound of your parents’ favorite restaurant music. Is this real life? Is that your dad in the back having a cocktail and a steak? Is that Mom on the side debating whether to get the salad with grilled salmon or chicken? Seriously, sound on.


If you think that’s a joke, it’s not, and this man will even spin fat cells on Instagram for your personal enjoyment. Why? Because you’re worth it.

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But also, he keeps it real as far as plastic surgery Instagram accounts go. Some accounts just show you the before and after images. Dr. Tutela wants you to lose your lunch almost DAILY by offering very, very unfiltered images of the chunks of fat he’s whittled away from his patients. He gives you a totally real look at the plastic surgeries with the most immediate gratification. Fat isn’t the only thing he’s carving and photographing for his Instagram stories, but that’s enough for us to describe right now.


Is this image even more disgusting than our breakdown of David Duke’s plastic surgeries? Probably, but there’s something creepily satisfying about seeing it.

It’s time to give up your Kardashian habit and get addicted to @Tutelaps.

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