Two New York Buildings Engage in a Post-it War

new york post it war
Written by Gary

New York post-it war.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, two buildings start a Post-it window war.

new york post it war

Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows that the majority of the time, you are trying to find creative ways to keep from throwing yourself out the window to escape the boring monotony of your 9-5 existence. Two buildings on Canal Street downtown have found an interesting way to pass the time, by sending Post-it messages to each other via their facing windows.

Several ad agencies such as Havas Worldwide, Cake Group, Horizon Media, Biolumina, and Harrison and Star are involved, as well as Getty Images.

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The buildings are located at 200 Hudson Street and 75 Varick Street, and the war has even managed to pick up its own #canalnotes hashtag.

Say what you will about wasting office supplies, but at least these people are using them for an interesting purpose, instead of just stealing and hoarding them like normal office drones.

new york post it war new york post it war new york post it war new york post it war

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