NYE Nightstand Essentials: What I Really Use

Written by Bryce

I’ve boiled down my NYE nightstand essentials to a few key, must-have items.

Yes, this is really my nightstand, and yes these are my actual nightstand essentials that I can’t survive without (and even come with me to hotels when I travel). NYE is somehow just a little more *important* when it comes to keeping the right things by the bed, though. I mean, between all the caked on black eyeliner and faux lashes (wait, is that just me?), red lips, and the expected 2-3 glasses of champagne over the course of the night, there’s just no room for error.

Simply put: all the nightstand essentials must be laid out in advance. So here’s what I’m obsessed with and keeping within quick grabbing distance:

-POND’S® Towelettes (they remove all makeup and instantly hydrate like a leave-on moisturizer, SO convenient). They’re available just about everywhere, affordable, and I also keep them in my purse and gym locker. Available here.

-A bottle of water (hydration is obviously key).

-A pen (and some paper in the drawers below). Is it weird that I like to write my dreams down as I wake up? Otherwise I totally forget them.

-Linen spray. I like the Caldrea Pear Blossom Scent lately (I sleep like a baby at a spa with a spritz or two). Available

The usual routine is teeth brushing, crashing in the bed, a PONDS Towelette, a few sips of water, and a spritz of linen spray. I tend to enter dreamland within 5-10 minutes of that, and it’s pretty glorious. I’m nearly positive that after a night out in Time Square to ring in the beginning of 2015 (yes, that’s my plan this year!), I might even crash faster than my usual few minutes.

Note to self: invest in bunch of fresh squeezed orange juice for the morning.

This post was sponsored by PONDS, but I really do use PONDS products every single day and I love them. 

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