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No Liquid? No Problem!

Written by Ashley

A roundup of the best towelettes, wipes & TSA approved travel accessories.

Is your impending warm-weather travel anxiety level at an all time high? Vacation’s supposed to be relaxing… don’t fret, my pet. You’ll fly through the TSA lines & flow nicely through the train station crowds with these compact, multi-purposed carry-on essentials that will translate to the beach, the gym bag and beyond.

1. Lulu Beauty’s ‘She Belongs There’ solid perfume :: Made from essential oils, this solid perfume tin contains a comforting scent that smells like the soothing spring breeze to put you right at ease. Apply to pulse points and keep on hand to smooth flyaways & split ends with ingredients like nourishing vocado oil.Β  Tip: use the adorable wooden packaging to keep earrings safe for travel. [$35]

2. Organic Surge’s Kiss and Make-up Cleansing Wipes :: Tested for sensitive skin, these are a soothing possibility for the red-eye. Chamomile extract and aloe will give dehydrated skin a boost, while the biodegradable 100% woven viscose cloth will keep your carbon footprint baby sized. Tip: at less than $6, use them for cleaning your phone & iPod, too. [$5.75]

3. Proactiv Makeup Removing Cloths :: Proactiv powered cleansing at its best, these cloths contain soothing lavender to help drift you off to sleep sans any oil, alcohol or a harsh acne med scent. Tip: this effective formulation is almost worth saving for those waterproof mascara, hard to budge lipstick days, but you’ll love ’em for every day use. [$15]

4. Tocca SPF 30+ Towelette :: Your all-over, water/sweat proof, hypoallergenic sunscreen in individually packaged towelette form. One of those products I look at and think… “GENIUS!Tip: slip a couple in to your purse for the impromptu lunch outside, or a romantic Sunday morning picnic in the park sun protection. [$28]

5. Meaningful Beauty Glycolic Treatment Pads :: Refined packaging & petite in size, these pads still pack a punch with refreshing witch hazel to whisk dirt, oil & pore clogging gunk from pores while glycolic acid exfoliates and jasmine moisturizes skin. Tip: use the exfoliating formula to your advantage! swipe anywhere on your bod you see irritation or acne and use daily to prevent ingrown hairs where you wax. [$52 1.877.383.1212. &]

6 Goody Modern Organica Natural Wonders Headwrap :: Bedhead in a train is fine, but get it together once you’re walking out in to public, plz. You never know who you’ll meet!Β  Use these adorable headwraps as a band to keep unruly bangs controlled, or as a boho wrap 60’s style. Tip: fashionable in tons of colors? yes, but functional enough to wash your face and apply makeup, without the risk of creasing your locks, too. [$6.39 exclusively at Target]

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