No Need To Whine… For Good Wine!

Written by Linda

I love good wine.  Many people believe good must be expensive—but that’s not always the case.

In fact, I recently found two rich warm red wines, perfect for winter sipping,  that are both under $20!

These two reds are both great to drink on their own, with hearty winter fare, or with the good for any season favorite red wine pairing–chocolate!


The first, Gascon’s Malbec vintage 2008 from Argentina.

The color is deep violet, the bouquet is fruit-forward with a hint of spice.  The finish is silky smooth.  It is a straightforward, simple wine perfect for any Malbec lovers.

Villa Antinori

The second wine, Villa Antinori Toscana 2005 is a wonderfully blended Super Tuscan.   It is 60% Sangiovese, 20% Cab Sauvignon, 15% Merlot, and 5% Syrah.  It’s a full-bodied red that as complex as it might seem, is a remarkably smooth, fruit-forward wine with a soft wonderful finish.

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a mom, journalist, actress and gymnastics coach. She is a firm believer that life is too short for bad wine and not nearly long enough to taste all the good wine out there. Her two favorite times of day are happy hour and whenever she’s finished her run. While striving to add some IMDb credits to her name that pay decent residuals, she despises over-paying for anything. Her financial weaknesses are Justin and Star cowboy boots.

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