Nobody Asked for Clear Pumpkin Pie

Written by Bryce

Clear pumpkin pie exists now, but why?

I know what you’re thinking. Wow, I didn’t even miss Pepsi Clear from my childhood, so why is clear pumpkin pie even a thing right now? That’s a great question, and it’s a deep one that most people can’t answer. Except maybe Chef Simon Davies or Alinea, a Chicago restaurant with three Michelin stars, and the lovely folks over at Vogue. Now you’re probably wondering what clear pumpkin pie has to do with their regularly scheduled fashion and Kardashian content, and the answer is simple: nothing, but it’s fascinating to see the recipe, and even more fascinating how crazy the whole pumpkin spice snacking trend has gotten.

Anyway, the only thing that’s clear here is that the good parts of pumpkin pie are as follows: crust, thick orange innards, and sweet, creamy texture. Two thirds of these positives have been destroyed in Davies’ effort to go clear, and we can’t understand that. What else is lost, you ask? The ability to lie to ourselves and call pumpkin pie a health food, because clear pumpkin pie is actually devoid of Vitamin A, the vitamin that makes pumpkin pie so appealing. This is certainly going to give pies everywhere major body image issues.

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Is this a political statement, Alinea? Some kind of dramatic lack of orange? Or perhaps the Michelin starred answer to the clear-foods-only hospital diet? If not, we’re chalking this one up to a press stunt, and we’re wondering what type of twisted universe we’re living in when long-revered desserts get thrown into the media lion’s den.

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