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Simple Beauty Mistakes You’re Making At The Office

We spend a majority of our week chained to a desk. If you’re like, a constant provider of luxury, your eyes are glued to the computer screen at all times. It’s the internet. The moment you get up from your desk something happens. This also happens when I decide to paint my nails with a nail growing formula (true story). With the beauty routines we all have, we’re also making common mistakes.


Here’s some common mistakes we’re all making:

  1. Put down the anti-bacterial gel: Try limiting how often you’re soaping and using any type of gel. If you are using, make sure you’re moisturizing after each use. If you’re using too much gel or washing your hands too much, it could cause all the natural oils in your skin to be removed, causing wrinkles.
  2. Make sure you’re cleaning off your tools. Just think about it. We do everything at our desks so make sure it’s clean at the end of the day. Before you leave the office, wipe down your mouse, keyboard, phone and anything else you’re touching with an antiseptic wipe.
  3. Spread those legs. While it may be cool to sit with your legs crossed like a lady at a dinner, while at the office you can spread them far and wide. Crossing your legs all day could potentially cause spider veins.
  4. Take a walk. I’ve been sitting at my desk for 3 hours already and I can already feel my back tightening up. If you’re sitting down all day, it’s best to get up and take a walk around. By sitting down all day our back muscles are shortening and tightening — leading to tightness and pain.

What have we learned today? Get off your ass and spread your legs. Basically, I’ve been telling this to people since birth. You’re welcome.


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