The Oldest Video Footage of NYC is Awesome

vintage nyc
Written by Gary

Vintage video of NYC.

History buffs will love seeing the oldest video footage of NYC.

Most people know, from my incessant bitching about stress and inclement weather that I have a love/hate relationship with New York City. One of the things I love about any city however, is a sense of history. I like cities that have an interesting story, especially when that story can be deciphered through the architecture, the people, and the vibe.

New York is obviously a melting pot, so the story here is that it is a city of strivers– and typically that aim to go higher, be better, and always improve is ongoing. People move here to change their lives, as if the very act of living here will lead to great things (for the people that take advantage of it, it does). The architecture draws from disciplines from all over the world, because the people come from anywhere and everywhere. New York has always been somewhere that people come to make it, which is simultaneously what makes it great, and sometimes insufferable.

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Still, seeing the oldest video footage of NYC is awesomely historical and interesting no matter how you feel about the big apple.

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